Buying a Forklift From an Online Dealer

Sometimes we hear concerns from customers about buying from an online forklift dealer. We are going to address them below.

Here is a recent customer’s question:

Would there ever be a way to make a deal with you where we would have an option of refusal if the unit is not as represented? I am sure your company is legitimate, but I have nightmares about a unit being delivered, and it won't start after removed from the trailer, or has a nasty engine knock or it starts with a massive cloud of blue smoke etc. I have extreme apprehension about purchasing sight/demo free. Are there any options that you could provide that would help set my mind at ease?

Our response:

Thank you for your question and bringing the concern to the table.  This is something that we deal with all of the time.  There are multiple remedies to help ease this concern, but at the end of the day, if purchasing a piece of equipment requires the convenience of being local to you so you can sit your rear end on it, then you may just have to pay more to do so.  However, if you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, continue reading:

Here are the actions we suggest in order for you to be comfortable with our forklift purchasing process:

  1. Once we identify the correct machine for you, hire a third party mechanic nearby the location of the machine.  This will provide an independent assessment from a professional. Many times, this is actually better than YOU or I evaluating the machine. This person will be an advocate for you and will nit pick the machine for YOU. This way, everyone's expectations can be set to a realistic standard. We do recommend you putting a deposit on the machine to hold it. We sell quite a few machines and they go quickly. The deposit will ensure the machine is available for you or a mechanic to check out when you get there.
  2. Do your due diligence on our company (or any other company you are purchasing a large asset from). Check the BBB and reputable rating companies. You will find we are one of a very few number of forklift sales companies that has an A+ accreditation with the BBB. Also, please make sure you know what it means to be ACCREDITED with the BBB. This takes much more than just registering your company with them. With the large number of forklifts we sell every year "over the internet", if we were participating in less than admiral business, it would be HIGHLY notated. It is so easy these days to go online and leave a negative review somewhere.
  3. Please review our warranty policy. All of our machines come backed by a standard 30 day parts only warranty. However, for those willing to purchase newer and nicer equipment, we can offer up to 2 years and 2,000 hours coverage. If we were selling equipment that required all kinds of repairs, no extended warranty company would be willing to cover our machines as their loss ratio would be too high. All of the machines go through the same process to get them ready so we know the quality is there even on the equipment that does not qualify due to age or hours.
  4. We offer every customer the opportunity to go and check out the machine. If you are willing to drive a few hours in a car, why not hop a short flight to go check something out. We will even help cover the cost for you to do this!

Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that the correct expectation is set for you ahead of time and then meet or exceed that expectation. We do understand, even though most of the global marketplace is headed in our direction, that some people may still not be comfortable with this type of purchase process (just like Amazon or any of the online retailers).

Because of our purchasing power, we are able to get great rates on shipping and bring you the convenience of a quality piece of equipment, delivered to you, for less than you will spend with the local guys. We look forward to earning your business!

"Jason has always been there when needed, his follow through and attention to detail is above any other. I would most definitely refer Jason from Forklift Select for anyone looking or needing information.

— Sam Garofalo, Security One, Las Vegas, NV

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