Common Forklift Questions

Choosing the right equipment for your needs can be confusing especially if you’re not familiar with the different types of forklifts out there.

We want to help you make the best choice for your business. Below you’ll find common forklift questions to keep in mind when looking for a lift.

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A forklift’s capacity is affected by the size of the load so knowing how high you need to lift the material and the dimensions of the load are important.
Do you have a loading dock or need to go into a shipping container or trailer? The answers to these questions will affect the size, lifting capacity and maneuverability of the forklift you need.
There are several important things to keep in mind regarding how you store your material when choosing the right forklift for the job. Is the area well ventilated? Are there concerns with explosive material or environments? Are you in a warehouse where employees need to be lifted to break bulk and select merchandise? Do you move heavy loads in uneven terrain? Is it temperature controlled? How much room do you have to move around in? All these concerns factor into what forklift will be the best fit for your needs.
Height and load size determines the capacity of a forklift needed. For example, a larger load size will move the lift´s center of gravity which reduces the lifting capacity.
Is it smooth and level or rough and uneven? If you work outdoors or on uneven surfaces you’ll want a pneumatic tire on your forklift or you may need to look for a rough-terrain lift. Rough terrain lifts are equipped with additional suspension capability and are generally wider than the standard forklift. This provides a more stable work platform with a lower center of gravity.
Deciding what you want for options will depend on your needs versus luxury.

  • Side shift
  • Forklift positioner
  • Attachments
  • Fork Length