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Need help deciding whether you need solid or pneumatic tires? Is gas or electric right for you? Or maybe you’re unsure what type of lift mast you need. Our forklift experts have many years of experience to answer your questions and help you choose the right new or used lift for your needs!

Contact one of our material handling experts at the following phone numbers, or via the internet by using the contact form below.

Our Material Handling Experts

Jason Frye
(720) 261-7196
[email protected]

Byron Chapuis
(720) 854-9712
[email protected]


Adam Frye
(303) 908-3279
[email protected]

Dan Goldberg
(303) 868-2188
[email protected]

Taylor Hansen
(210) 279-0607
[email protected]

Travis Kirwin
(303) 907-6510
[email protected]


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