Forklift Financing

There are many benefits to financing a forklift. Don’t let budget concerns create a road block to buying quality equipment. We can help make purchasing your lift affordable with several different “lease-to-own” forklift leasing options. By financing your forklift you can build equity without paying large upfront costs.

Let us make financing a forklift easy!

Even a small forklift can come with a decent price tag. You have the option of dropping a large amount of cash to purchase the lift outright, or you can opt for our fast and easy forklift financing!

You can count on us to offer a wide range of flexible forklift financing solutions – helping you get the most out of your equipment investment!

The Benefits of Forklift Leasing / Forklift Financing:

100% forklift financing including soft costs

Financing tax, freight, rigging, installation, warranties, start-up supplies. If it’s related to your purchase, we’ll finance it.

No down payment required

Unless you want to put money down, all we usually ask for is a first and last payment.

12 to 60 month terms

Zero age restrictions for used equipment.

Deferred and seasonal payments

Need a few months to get up and running? Do you have a notoriously slow time of the year? No problem, we can skip payments for you.

Tax advantages via IRS Section 179

You keep 100% of the depreciation, as if you just wrote the check yourself!

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