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Used Forklifts For Sale in Denver

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Forklifts are one of the most important machines needed for efficiency in Denver.

Out of all the industrial equipment available on the market, used forklifts for sale in Denver are necessary for most companies to survive and thrive.

With the construction industry boom in the Denver Metro area, forklifts are used to get the job done. They are the heavy lifters that make it possible for businesses to rapidly move weighty materials and more.

For Colorado business owners, their lifts are used indoors, outdoors and for other jobs you might not have thought of – we cover that below.

The main uses of forklifts for sale in Denver.

Indoor Forklift Uses

We’ve all seen forklifts operated in our local big box store. They are prevalent in Denver warehouses and distribution centers for loading and unloading trucks, transporting, stacking and picking. In these locations, forklifts are usually used to lift or pull pallets.

They are also used to lift and move large boxes, crates, drums, equipment and other items are also transported without pallets. There are different types of forklifts to meet different needs, like maneuvering around obstacles, the need for side-lifting, small aisles, and high shelves/areas.

Outdoor Forklift Uses

Outdoors forklifts are used to move lumber, hardware, and much more. Denver area construction sites are also another common outdoor area where forklifts are utilized. Rough Terrain forklifts that can go over uneven terrain are often used to move heavy construction materials like dumpsters and trash.

When a portable container or hopper attachment is used, the forklift can also be used to transport and dump materials into larger containers like dumpsters or into ditches. Forklifts can also be found anywhere that need pallets of materials and shipping containers moved like junkyards and recycling centers.

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Instead of an aerial or bucket lift, forklift trucks have become an alternative for raising workers both indoors and outdoors. Smart Denver area operators follow OSHA safety practices and use attachments with their forklifts. These attachments like specially-designed safety cages and platforms prevent falls and injury.

With these options, forklift operators use lifts to manually pick and/or stack items, perform inventory, clean hard-to-reach areas and even trim trees that are too tall to be reached from the ground. We recommend that a forklift owner get manufacturer approval in writing before the forklift is used for double duty.

Specialty Uses

Some Denver area business owners add a plow to the front of a forklift to plow away snow, because you know Colorado gets its fair share of the white stuff!l With a broom attachment, a forklift can also be used as a sweeper to sweep warehouse or parking lots.

There are also dust mopping attachments. And some forklifts have a  boom attachment to use them as loading cranes. As you can see there are many uses for forklifts in Denver and beyond!

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